Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Madness

Now of course we decorated the outside of the house for the coming Halloween, but of course I made further plans since we see few children trick-or-treating around here. 

Now the big thing of course is the series premiere to AMC's The Walking Dead. So of course I am ready for that! I read (so far) the first fifty or so issues and I must say if they bring it to TV with the same goodness as the comic I will be impressed.

But of course one Zombie happening isn't enough!! I have actually planned two more. A viewing of the movie Undead or Alive, that may be "B" rated but looks like it combines two of my favorite things, Zombies and Westerns!

The third event I have planned is to introduce my wife and a friend (maybe more if I get some RSVP soon) to All Things Zombie - Better Dead than Zed. Figured we would all start and play REP 5 Civilians with some kind of mission (make it home, hook up with friends, etc). This would be a Day One type scenario.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Police search Ruins

Recent events in New Boulder City have had police searching some of the ruined areas of town.
A small broken wall

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New pic, old piece

Back before I was interested in Zombie gaming I started to create terrain for a Post Apocalyptic setting, and I created this piece to act as an objective. Made from a PC speaker, a bit of mesh tape, a piece that held a bicycle reflector, and a base from the packaging from one of the cartridges for my wife's razor.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


All twenty four of the Wargames Factory Zeds are assembled, well ok 23. One is in reserve for my first at attempt at using greenstuff. Want a Zed who is lying down, basically in two pieces yet still alive aka "The Walking Dead" bicycle zed. Tomorrow I will get them puttied and the bases ready, running out of warm weather for priming. I hope I cam up with enough of a variance in head/torso to make them look somewhat unique.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sometimes a dozen is a score!

In older usage a "score" meant 20, but today for me it came to mean 12.

 Even though we moved into the new place almost one year ago now, I have just recently been able to get some work done on my area for miniature painting and making terrain. While organizing some stuff I ran across a dozen Heroscape Zeds. Slightly larger than the 28mm Zeds and non zeds I have and some have clubs or bones, I say they will still make on entrance to a gaming table.

Maybe over time I can do some "greenstuff" work to them since there is only three poses, four miniatures of each pose.

In the mean time  I assemble the first six Zeds from Wargames Factory. Still need a bit of putty work and primed.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A question of Scale

I have mostly been interested in 25/28 mm miniatures. But when I bought All Things Zombie -Better Dead than Zed from Two Hour Wargames I also bought some 15mm Zombies and Survivors from Rebel Minis. I ended with about 40 Zeds and 5 survivors. Enough to play a smaller game.

Around the same time I ended up getting some 28mm Zeds picking up 2 of these packs from Wargames Factory. For some odd reason I gave one pack to someone I know, and kept one. Wish now I had kept both, as one pack basically gives you 24 Zeds. I have plenty of gangers and military in 28mm to sport a larger game.

The question of course is "Do I purchase more 28mm Zeds or build some terrain in 15mm scale?"

New attempt

This is a new attempt at putting up some kind of consistent stuff about my interest in gaming Post Apocalyps / Zombies and other genres.